How I helped stylish women over 35 to RE-Create their wardrobe, by shaping new habits that save the planet.


who will start working closely with me to achieve  a fully sustainable approach to fashion. 

Would you LOVE to stop poor shopping habits and start taking the right steps towards FINALLY wearing your values?

๐Ÿ‘‰ The process follows my own original  mantra. This is a unique system to change behaviour patterns and achieve sustainable style, whilst being kind to the planet and still looking stylish.   

When you get started, youโ€™re going to get…

โœ…Weekly group coaching calls recorded, to Personalise Your Journey.

โœ… Bonus #1  Exclusive Facebook Community to share your progress

โœ… Bonus #2   Sustainable Stylist Accountability to keep you on track

โœ…  Bonus #3   ‘Be Remarkable’ E-Book

โœ…  Bonus #5  Fulfil your desire to be kinder to the planet by being a sustainable stylist and rid yourself of any poor shopping habits.

โœ… Bonus #6   Opportunity to become a Sustainable Stylist, member of the Slow-Fashion movement post-challenge. This will keep you on track, give you access to on-line tutorials, weekly webinars.


“Maggi this program was like a shot in the arm, but in a good way, it rekindled my creative sparkโ€

Another client informed me… that my style sessions and shopping mantra had really changed her attitude and behaviour in the shops. She maintains that everyone should know this to organise their wardrobes and help save the planet, one garment at a time!

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Creative Style

Working in fashion design and education, I have developed a set of unique skills. My design philosophy is one I am keen to share with everyone. Firstly I work with people in relation to their personality, their lifestyle and then wardrobe. Styling from the inside out!  I give every client a personal framework to make their lives uncomplicated. I promote a contemporary but sensible approach to capsule wardrobe and colour.

I educate fashion and textile designers and artists, through education consultation work.  I have an in-depth knowledge of fabrics, the importance of natural fibres and a flair for style and how it works for individual characters. My approach is  intuitive, to help you to do-it-for-yourself. With a broad knowledge of colour theory linked to an intuitive approach. I offer a colour service that is  artistic, sophisticated and individual to each character and brand. 

I support passionate use of creativity and style to feel good. I help clients in transition, undergoing changes and wishing to present themselves well. Also working with professionals exploring how to dress in a way that suits how their life has progressed.

Previous Experience

My experience includes a wide portfolio of research presentations and artistic collaborations, with a variety of fashion brands/designers and organisations e.g.: Kangol, Philip Treacy, Isabella Blow, Clarks Shoes, Fenland Sheepskins, MOD, BNFL and The Fibre Company. See archive blog for creative collaborations between practitioners and universities in Australia, Finland and the UK as part research, art and fashion projects. I also do arts education consultation work in Schools.

Creative Coaching for artists/designers and the general public
Managing fashion shows and arts talks/events
Fashion and textile trade events
Fashion and Materials research, education and writing.
Design conference papers
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