“Be Remarkable: Love your figure type”

This E-Book is fully illustrated and available on Kindle and can be downloaded here.

It includes NLP thinking and a new approach to creative style. This is a style book with a difference; it gives you tips to suit specific figure types.  Aimed at women in the main, there is an important message that everyone needs to hear.  This book acts as a catalyst for change. Therefore allowing you to reframe the way you view yourself and your body, in and out of your clothes.  LYFT confirms personal choices, promoting self-confidence and love.  It takes away the morning task of what to wear.  Helping you to look your best based on a simple code. You can take the first step on the route to being remarkable simply by being yourself, or the best-presented version of yourself.

The illustrations are previously shown on fashion and creative blogs,  all available as Giclee prints/Cards and can be found in the gallery and some are available on Etsy.