My story


As as a fashion designer/maker, my work is informed by my research, which includes psychological well-being.  ‘Creative Style’ encompasses fashion styling, colour advice and design coaching.  My wider role involves directing the Eden Valley Artistic Network and managing the western branch West Cumbrian Arts, so a variety of arts events/shows and shoots. 

My previous role was as Programme leader of undergrad and postgrad Fashion and Contemporary Applied Arts courses. I validated fashion/textile courses from Shetland to Singapore. After working in France and the US, teaching and researching I settled back in the Cumbrian Lake District a  World Heritage Site in the North of England.

Creative Style

I love re-working and customising clothing and using materials that would be otherwise wasted. Reuse is the basis of my story behind the RE-Create app which helps to reduce the waste clothing mountain. This is the basic concept of the online learning program.

Making is also a means of seeking calm in a  stressful world. I am fuelled by my passion, experiential learning within the making process. This was the subject of my PhD, where I uncovered a key to individual creativity through the reflective process.  I believe that everyone can find their own peaceful creative flow in my workshops. This meditative approach is played out through all of my practice; stitching, 3D textiles, drawing, tango and creative coaching. My teaching has resulted in students achieving well-earned awards over many years.

 Working freelance in such a broad area means it is good to talk with like-minded spirits. Always interested in new challenges so feel free to connect!


Styling in Lake District